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  Last Edited - 12/27/2012 10:32am PST
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This page displays any Zone Fees that have been previously created and includes a search tool and sorting filters. By default, the Zone Fees are displayed in order by the SID (System ID) number.  A different mode of sorting is available by clicking the up and down arrows in the heading of each column. 

For detailed instructions on adding or editing a zone fee, see Zone Fee Editor.

Zone Fee Columns

SID (System ID)
The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the zone fee to the system.  This number cannot be changed.

Zone Fee Name
The name of the zone fee.

The value of the zone fee.  Can be either a percentage or specific amount.

Zones are the locations that will trigger the zone fee during checkout.

An active zone fee will be applied to any qualifying order.  An inactive zone fee is never applied to an order.

The Notes column will display a (pinned note) icon if the zone fee has a note attached to it.  You can view the notes in a popup window by clicking on the icon.  The icon will be grayed out if there are no notes available.

Click on the SID number or    icon to edit the zone fee group.

(Check icon)
The checkboxes in this column work with the dropdown box below the table, which include options to make active, inactive, or to delete.

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