Product Reviews Module Settings
  Last Edited - 03/21/2011 11:52am PDT
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These options control the behavior of the Product Reviews module in your store.

Product Review Options

Require Purchase?
This setting is used in conjunction with the {IF-REVIEWER-AUTHORIZED-BEGIN} and {IF-REVIEWER-AUTHORIZED-END} QuickCode Tags. If this option is set to "YES", then the content between those two QuickCode Tags will only be displayed if the customer has placed an order for the product in question.

I want to add a product review form to the product pages in my store, but I only want the customers to be able to review the product if they have purchased it. To accomplish this, I will edit the product.tpl template and to first add a review form. However, simply adding the form will allow anyone to review the product, whether they've purchased the product or not!

I will then set the Require Purchase option to "YES" and encapsulate the review form in my template within {IF-REVIEWER-AUTHORIZED-BEGIN} and {IF-REVIEWER-AUTHORIZED-END} QuickCode Tags. Now, the review form will only be displayed on the product pages of my store if the viewer is a customer who has purchased the product.

Use this field to automatically approve a new review from a customer after they've contributed the specified number of approved reviews. Otherwise, all submitted reviews start out as unapproved. Unapproved reviews are not displayed in the storefront.

Ranking Scale
In addition to writing a review, customers can also rank product criteria that you specify. Each of a product's criteria can be ranked on a scale, such as a scale of one to ten. This option determines the range of the ranking scale.

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