MMv4: New Tools to Help You Get Started
  Last Edited - 06/15/2010 4:30pm PDT
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The tools used to set up a new store are the first things a new client sees in their account's administration area. We put our best foot forward by introducing several improvements to make the process of setting up your new store even easier and faster!

Here's what's new about the New Account Setup Tools in MMv4:

New Account Setup Wizard
This Wizard guides new users through the process of getting their store up and running fast. Each of the items required to run an online store are covered step-by-step.

The Account Setup Wizard leads you through each step of setting up a new store.

Of course, Modular Merchant includes many more options that this wizard doesn't cover, but it includes the basics needed to get your store open and ready for business!

Redesigned Getting Started Checklist
Unless you are Cliff Clavin, chances are pretty good that you're not a walking storehouse of all knowledge both relevant and trivial. So, how could you be expected to remember all of the tasks necessary to get your store off the ground? Enter the Getting Started Checklist: your go-to list for to-do items.

The Getting Started Checklist reminds you of any outstanding tasks when setting up your store.

The checklist includes more items, an improved interface, and links to related sections of the Account Setup Wizard. It's like having a best friend at your side to watch your back... yes, it's the Norm Peterson to your Cliff Clavin.

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