Account Setup Wizard: Step 4
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Each page of your online store has a corresponding template. The template contains HTML code, just like any other web page, that controls the layout and design of the page. If you add up all of the templates that are used by the various pages of the online store, it's a collection of approximately fifty templates. A collection of all these templates is called a Template Package.


Template Packages
Actually, a Template Package includes not only the HTML templates, but all the CSS, image and JavaScript files that go with it.

There are many pre-made Template Packages available to choose from. Each Template Package has its own distinct color scheme and design.

Step 4 of the Account Setup Wizard allows you to browse some of the pre-made Template Packages that are available, and select one to apply to your store. (Note: You may change the Template Package applied to your store at any time, and as often as you like!)

Previewing a Template Package
After selecting a Template Package from the list, click the View the Storefront with this Template Package link to see how it looks. If you like it, click the Next Page button to continue to the next step of the Wizard. Otherwise, continue browsing the list of Template Packages until you find one that strikes your fancy.

Those familiar with web design may edit the HTML code in their store's templates to customize their design, or even create their own custom Template Packages from scratch!

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