Approve Pending Product Reviews
  Last Edited - 03/21/2011 11:53am PDT
  Category Path - Shopping Cart Software Components > Administration Area > Modules > Product Reviews
If your Product Reviews module is configured to require administrative approval of newly submitted reviews before they are displayed in your storefront and there are any reviews requiring your approval, then a link to the Approve Pending Product Reviews page will be displayed on your Product Reviews module's home page will be displayed.

The link will simply load the Search Product Reviews page, but will load it with certain search criteria selected that will search for unapproved reviews. The reviews that require your authorization before they will be displayed in the storefront will be listed in the Search Results section of the page.

To authorize unapproved reviews, select the checkbox in the checkmark column, select the option to approve the reviews from the action menu at the bottom of the page, and click the Go button to save your changes.

Refer to the Search Product Reviews article for more information on searching for and bulk editing reviews.
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