Version 4.111012.1307 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 10/12/2011 1:07pm PDT
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.111012.1307
  • Administration Area
  • Search Categories
    Removed an extra horizontal line that would be displayed on the Search Categories page when no search results were found.
  • ad_css.css File
    Renamed the ad_css.css file to aa_css.css because some third-party applications, such as Norton Personal Firewall or ABP, could incorrectly prevent the CSS from being loaded because, since it has "ad" in its file name, those programs incorrectly thinks that it is an advertisement.
  • Navigation Menu Templates
    Added the following pages to the Basic and Default navigation menu templates: Customer Acquisition Report, Email Queue, Pending Offsite Transactions, Projected Revenue Report. (Previously, these pages were excluded from the pre-made templates for the Administration Area's customizable Navigation Menu.)
  • Event Engine
  • Coupon Code event results
    Fixed an issue that caused too many menus to be displayed in the Event Editor for events that had a trigger that created a coupon code with a dollar value.
  • Quantity Coupons
    The Event Engine can now create rules apply a discount to an order's total that is equal to the X least (or most) expensive products in the customer's basket. This replicates the "Quantity" coupons from version 3.
  • Batch Coupon Upload
    Added a new section to the Event Engine to allow uploading a spreadsheet containing a series of coupon codes. An Event will be created for each coupon ID code uploaded, using the Event Rules specified in the spreadsheet. Refer to the Upload a Coupon Batch Knowledge Base article for details on using this new tool.
  • Hosting
  • Hosting Setup Checklist
    Fixed a bug that could prematurely expand the Hosting Setup Checklist to step two. The checklist should now display the correct step for all account plans both before and after the account is activated.
  • Products
  • Product Editor Templates
    Added the Generate Gift Certificate and Reward Points Options fields to all of the Product Editor templates except the "Basic" template. (Previously, these options were excluded from the default sets of Product Editor templates.)
  • Third-Party
  • PayPal Pro
    Addressed an issue that would cause the checkout process to fail when certain unexpected responses were returned from the PayPal Pro payment gateway.
  • IE and iFrames
    Made an improvement to improve the way IE versions 6-9 will manage the shopping cart shopping session when it is embedded within an iframe. This should improve the user experience when a store is displayed on a Facebook page, which uses an iframe to display the store on Facebook.

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