Which web browsers does Modular Merchant support?
  Last Edited - 11/10/2011 1:53pm PST
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The Modular Merchant shopping cart software's storefront is designed to be compatible with the current version of all the most popular web browsers.

How are "the most popular web browsers" determined?
The most popular web browsers are determined by evaluating the browser usage data provided at by WC3 schools and StatCounter.

Public Storefront
The Modular Merchant storefront, where users shop and check out, is designed to be compatible with, at a minimum, the current versions of the top five web browsers listed.

Administration Area
The shopping cart software's Administration Area is optimized for compatibility with a slightly smaller set of browsers. This is because the Administration Area is designed to perform some unique tasks which may not yield the same results in some less-popular web browsers.

The Administration Area is designed to be compatible with the current versions of:
  • Chrome
  • Fire Fox
  • Internet Explorer
Technical Support
Due to variations that can be introduced by less popular web browsers and/or browser plugins, technical support may be limited to assisting with issues experienced in the web browsers supported by the Administration Area.

Changes to Supported Browsers
The list of supported browsers is reviewed on a semi-regular basis, as browsers come and go. Browsers with more than a 10% market share are usually considered for inclusion within the spheres of support.
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