I can't log in, but I KNOW my password is correct!
  Last Edited - 01/13/2012 11:59am PST
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troubles logging in
Help! A customer of mine is trying to log in to their account, but can't. They are certain that they're entering the correct password — they're copying and pasting it right out of their email! I tried logging in as them, and I can. Why can't they? Help!

We see this issue periodically, and it should be a simple fix.

Several web browsers, FireFox in particular, have a nasty habit of appending an extra space when pasting content into form fields, including password fields.

Due to the nature of password fields, extra spaces are seen by the browser as intended characters, and aren't trimmed off, as with regular text fields. The result is that the extra space the browser adds when pasting remains, causing the submitted password not to match the one in their customer account record.

The solution is for the user to either type in their password by hand, or, if pasting, double check to make sure that the number of dots in the password field match the number of characters in their password. If there's an additional dot in the password field, then the web browser appended an extra space to the end of the content they pasted into it.
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