Version 4.120718.1239 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.120718.1239
  • Administration Area
  • Product Editor
    Changed the "templating" tools used for customizing the layout of the Product Editor. The previous drag-and-drop layout editor could introduce problems if the user radically altered the layout of the Product Editor. The new system allows users to move sections of the editor that they don't use to a dock on the right-side of the page. The docked sections can be added back to the Product Editor at any time. Each individual product will remember which sections were docked. The dock also has a link to save the current settings as the account's default, which will be used when creating new products.
  • Security Updates
    Added security improvements to several pages in the Administration Area to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Account Setup Wizard
    Updated the U.S.P.S. options in the Account Setup Wizard to make their phrasing consistent with the options located at [Modules > 3rd-Party Integration > U.S.P.S.].
  • Customer Editor
    Deleting a product from a customer's subscription from the Customer Editor will now be recorded in the Account Activity report. (Previously, this deletion would go undocumented.)
  • Inactivity Logout
    Increased the amount of time that will log an inactive Admin out of the store's Administration Area by several hours. Note: You may need to clear your browser's cache in order for this change to take affect.
  • Admins
  • Product Field Editor
    Corrected the title of option 2 in the Product Field Editor, changing it from Attribute Title to Field Title.
  • Digital Delivery
  • Storefront Download Area
    Attempting to download a digital object during its "floodcheck" period will no longer count towards one of the customer's download attempts. This will prevent people that click too soon and encounter the "floodcheck" message from accidentally using up all their download allowances because of it.
  • Event Engine
  • Expired Events
    Fixed an issue in which an order that had an expired event could still be submitted in the storefront. This would happen when the customer started their shopping session before the event expired, but then returned after its expiration to submit their order. In this scenario, the order will now be declined, rather than being accepted.
  • Persistent Product Discounts
    Fixed an issue in which product price discounts, once triggered, would persist even if the order's contents were changed so that the products in the order were no longer eligible for the discount. For example, if adding five units of Product X would trigger the event, then the number of units of Product X in the basket was reduced below five, the discounted price will remain.
  • Modules
  • Reward Points
    If an order's total is discounted due to the redemption of a coupon code, reward points — or any other reason — the correct amount of reward points will now be earned. Previously, the customer would have earned reward points equal to the order's original value. Now, the reward points will be based on the order's adjusted value, after all discounts have been applied to it.
  • QuickCode Tags
    Fixed a bug in which additional characters could be displayed after the attribute's value when using the {PRODUCT-ATTRIBUTE-VALUE} QuickCode tag.
    The menu created by the {PRODUCT-GROUP-MENU} QuickCode Tag will now use the SEO-friendly URLs when redirecting the user to a different product's storefront page.
  • Storefront
  • Related Products
    1. The images in the list of related products should now be displayed the storefront's product page.
    2. When viewing a storefront's product page, that product should now be excluded from the list of related products.

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