Version 4.120808.0919 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.120808.0919
  • Administration Area
  • Event Editor
    If an event that has one or more triggers is edited, and the How to apply the triggers below field is changed to the value "this event doesn't use triggers", then any existing triggers will be deleted when the event is saved. (Previously, the event's preexisting triggers would be retained, and would have needed to be deleted manually.)
  • Modular Mailer
    Fixed a typo on the Email Series Editor page. (The word "at" was displaying as "a".)
  • Event Engine
  • Shipping Discounts
    Fixed an issue that could allow certain event configurations to calculate shipping methods with a negative price. (The minimum price for shipping fees will be $0.00, even if a shipping method applies a discount that is a larger value than the shipping method's original price.)
  • Shipping Discounts
    If two or more events adjusted a shipping method's price, then, previously, only the price change made by the last event in the chain would be applied. Now, all of the adjustments made to the shipping method's price will be applied. They will be applied in order of the events' Processing Order.
  • Place an Order tool
  • Orders for new customers
    Fixed an issue that could prevent orders from being placed by the Place an Order Tool. When placing an order containing a shipped product for a new customer account, and selecting a FedEx, UPS or USPS shipping rate, an error would sometimes be encountered that stated that the selected shipping method was no longer available.
  • QuickCode Tags
    The {CUSTOMER-PHONE-AREA-CODE} and {CUSTOMER-PHONE-NUMBER} QuickCode Tags can now be used on the printable receipt page.
    HTML code can now be used in an event's Public Description. (This can be useful for adding links and other HTML enhancements to the public information that is displayed for your store's events.)
    Updated the {FIELD-FILL-BILL-ADDRESS} QuickCode Tag to resolve an issue that could prevent the customer's billing country menu from being set to the corresponding shipping country in some browsers.
  • Storefront
  • Order Tallies
    Added a new check to the checkout process to help prevent an order's shipping fees from being miscalculated when an order is placed in the storefront under certain circumstances.
  • Subscriptions
  • Event-driven Shipping Discounts
    If a subscription triggers an event that adjusts the value of the shipping method assigned to it, the adjustment will now be properly applied to the shipping fees. (Previously, it was possible for the shipping fees to remain unadjusted when the subscription order was processed.)
  • Ship fees for multiple shipments
    Fixed a bug in which a subscription's shipping fees could be incorrect if the shipment contained multiple shipments. For example, if the subscription contained three products, and one of those products has been set to "ships solo", then the order created when the subscription is processed will contain two shipments. (One shipment containing the "ships solo" product, a second shipment containing the other products in the order.) Previously, in that situation, the same shipping fee could have been applied to both shipments. Now, the shipping fees for both shipments will be calculated and applied separately.
  • Shipping Fees
    Fixed an issue that could cause a subscription's shipping fees to be incorrect in certain situations where multiple subscriptions were processed in one batch
  • Shipping Selection Ignored
    Fixed an issue in which subscriptions could incorrectly be declined with the reason of "no shipping method selected," even though one was.

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