Search Email Series
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The Search Email Series page allows you to look and search through your different email series. You have the ability to search for all email series, or specific ones based on rules you specify.
Search Email Series

Using the Search Tool, you may search for email series that match rules you specify. These rules consist of:

Search for email series by a specified Name.

SID (System ID)
Search for email series by their SID number.
Email Series

This section displays your Email Series based on how the search rules are specified. The columns listed in this section consist of:

Displays the SID number associated with that specific email series.

Displays the name of the email series.

# of Templates
This column displays the number of templates included in that email

# of Subscribers
This column displays the number of customers subscribed to that email series.

Includes an edit button, that can be used to open that email series in the Email
Series Editor
. This can be done by clicking on the SID number as well.
 Perform an action on the rows selected above...

This section may be used to take action on selected rules above.

This option will permanently delete any of the selected items above.
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