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  Last Edited - 06/18/2014 8:27am PDT
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I would rather have my store's company logo redirect to my website, instead of the store's home page. Is there an easy way for me to change where it links to?

Yes, this is possible and easy! The company logo can be changed to link to wherever you desire. This change can be made through the Template Package Sandbox, by altering where the {COMPANY-LOGO} QuickCode Tag links to. This can be accomplished through the following steps:

1. In your Administration Area, go to [Design > Template Package Sandbox]

2. Select the desired template package from the dropdown menu.

3. Under Template Package Files, select the template to be edited. If the template you want is not in this section, use the Populate Templates tool to add it.

4. If it isn't already, switch the template editor to the WYSIWYG Editor. This can be done by clicking the white "Switch to WYSIWYG Editor" link in the top right of the Template Editor menu.

5. While viewing the WYSIWYG Editor, locate and highlight the {COMPANY-LOGO} QuickCode Tag. This tag is likely to be located towards the top of the editor.

6. Once the text has been highlighted, click the Link icon from the row of editor tools. The Link icon will appear as a globe with a chain link.


7. When the window comes up, delete the {URL-STORE-HOME} QuickCode Tag, and paste the desired URL in its place. Then click "OK".

For example, if your website's URL is , then
you would insert that in place of the {URL-STORE-HOME} QuickCode Tag.

8. Under "File Options", select "Save" and click "Save Changes".

The above process will need to be done to every template that is currently populated into the template package.

reverting to previous functionality
The change can be undone, by going through the process again, but replacing the URL with the {URL-STORE-HOME} QuickCode Tag. Or, if you cloned the template package before editing, you could revert to that backup.

not specific to this example
This process isn't specific to the {COMPANY-LOGO} tag. These sames steps can be used to link any text on the page, including the "Home" option on the navigation bar.
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