Version 14.0519 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 05/19/2014 1:28pm PDT
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 14.0519
  • Administration Area
  • Search Vendors
    It is now possible to delete all vendors from a store, including the last one. (Previously, it wasn't possible to delete the last vendor account.)
  • Zone Fees
    Zone Fees with a negative value will now display with a minus sign before them on the Search Zone Fees and Product Editor pages. (Previously, the minus sign was missing.)
  • QuickCode Tags
    Fixed a glitch in the {PAY-METHOD-LOGOS} QuickCode Tag that could cause the "PayPal" logo to be appended to the end of the list of payment methods, even if PayPal was already present in the list elsewhere.

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