Version 15.0119 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 15.0119
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • Off-Site Payment Gateways
    Fixed an issue that could prevent product-level autoresponders and Modular Mailer email series subscriptions from being triggered when an order was paid for using an off-site payment gateway, such as PayPal Standard.
  • PayPal IPN
    If an order does not require shipping, a field titled "no_shipping" with a value of "1" will now be included in the data that is sent to PayPal, which may result in PayPal not displaying form fields on their website's checkout page.
  • Administration Area
  • Import/Export Center
    Fixed an issue that could prevent Customer Attributes from being imported when importing customers.
  • Search Engine
    Improved the performance of Yes/No search rules.
  • Email Lists
    Added support for creating a customer group from an imported list of email addresses.
  • Search Log Report
    The results in the Search Log Results can now be exported to a spreadsheet that can be downloaded.
  • General
  • Recordkeeping
    Improved the way some account activity records are recorded and maintained.
  • QuickCode Tags
  • QuickCode Tags
    Improved the QuickCode Tag parsing engine to reduce the possibility of JavaScript code that's formatted a certain way from being misinterpreted as a QuickCode Tag.
  • QuickCode Tags
    The QuickCode Tag parser will no longer add red font tags around content in curly braces that don't match the name of a QuickCode Tag.
  • Storefront
  • Pagination
    Fixed an issue that could prevent search results from displaying the appropriate page of results when a user changes their search and/or sort parameters.
  • Media Page
    The media.php page in the storefront (the page that can be used to display the largest product images in a popup window) will now load all CSS files located in the active template package directory and any "css" subdirectory it contains. Also, the "body" tag on the page has an ID of "media_page", which can be referenced in order to customize the look of the media page even further.
  • Search Engine
    Improved the support for product searches by price range.

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