Give a specific customer a discount
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This tutorial describes the steps to provide a discount to a specific customer.

  • A discount is provided only to the specific customer specified in the event's trigger settings.
  • The customer must be logged in to the storefront in order for the event to be triggered.
  • If the customer logs out, then the discount is also automatically removed.
To replicate this type of functionality in your store, use the Event Engine Editor to create an event with the following Triggers and Results:

General Information
In the General Information section, set the desired Event Name, Start Date, End Date, and any other desired settings for the event.

The event's trigger(s) should be set up as follows.

trigger 1 of 1
Type: customer
Details: The customer is Customer SID 123
Change "123" to the SID number of the specific customer to receive the discount. When the trigger is set to the values listed above, the event will be enacted when the storefront is browsed by that specific customer (as long as the customer is logged into his or her customer account).

The event's result(s) should be set up to achieve the desired discount. Following are some examples of event result settings for common discounts that might be provided to a specific customer.

10% off all products
Type: product pricing
Details: The price of  ALL products is decreased  10 percent

$15 off a specific product
Type: product pricing
Details: The price of  product SID X is decreased  15 dollars
(Replace X with the SID of the specific product to discount.)

$25 off order grand total
Type: order pricing
Details: The  order grand total is decreased the amount of 25 dollars

free shipping
Type: shipping modification
Details: The shipping method EVERY shipping method is decreased by 100 percent

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