custom_page DB Table
  Last Edited - 06/18/2010 10:09am PDT
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This article outlines the database structure for the MMv4 custom_page database table.

  • id
    Primary Key of the table.
    int(10) | unsigned | auto increment | primary key | indexed
  • name
    The name of the page.
    varchar (255) | indexed
  • seo_url_text
    Any URL entered in this field will be used in the URL of the custom webpage's storefront page. If empty, the system will attempt to use the custom webpage's name instead.
    | indexed
  • template
    The name of the template to be applied to this page.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • description
    A short description of the page, shown in the admin area and search results.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • content
    The content of the page.


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