digdel_order_item DB Table
  Last Edited - 11/3/2009 2:02pm PST
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This article outlines the database structure for the MMv4 digdel_order_item database table.

  • id
    Primary Key of the table.
    int(10) | unsigned | auto increment | primary key | indexed
  • order_id
    SID of the order associated with this digital order item.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • object_id
    SID of the digital object associated with this digital order item.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • access_attempts
    Amount of download attempts made to download the digital object by the customer.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • access_limit
    Maximum amount of download attempts allowed for this digital object
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • expire_date
    The date in which the digital object will expire and no longer allow the customer to download it.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • expire_extension
    Amount, in seconds, of extra time given to the expireation of the digital object.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • unlimited_access
    This specifies that the digital object will never expire.
    int(10) | indexed
  • release_date
    Date associated with a "Pre-order" type digital object This date is when the digital object will become available.
    int(10) | indexed
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