Scan & Add a Series of Download Files
  Last Edited - 02/11/2013 4:26pm PST
  Category Path - Shopping Cart Software Components > Administration Area > Modules > Digital Delivery
The Scan & Add a Series of Download Files tool  is used to scan a selected File Storage Area and automatically create Digital Objects for files located during the scan. The name of the Digital Object will be the same as the file name. Duplicates will be ignored. A list of the Digital Objects that have been created will be listed after the process is complete.
Step 1: Select a File Storage Area to scan

Select a File Storage Area to be scanned.  Use the dropdown menu to make the selection, then click Start Scan...
Step 2: Review Scan Results

When the scan has completed, the page will display all digital files found in the File Storage Area that are not already associated with a Digital Object.  To create Digital Objects for the files individually, click the checkboxes on the right.  To select them all, click the (Check icon).

Once the selections have been made, click the Create Digital Objects for Selected File(s) button.

A Digital Object will be created for each file that is selected. A Digital Object created this way will use the default shelf life settings specified in the Digital Delivery Settings, and will start out as active, with the release date set to the date the digital object was created.

Step 3: Create Digital Objects from selected files

At step 3, the process is complete, and a list of the newly created digital objects will be displayed. The newly created digital objects may also be viewed and selected for editing at the Search Digital Objects page.
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