Open Basket Report
  Last Edited - 08/21/2012 4:47pm PDT
  Category Path - Shopping Cart Software Components > Administration Area > Reports
This report contains a list of orders that have not been completed by customers. For example, a customer placed items in their basket, but closed their browser before completing the checkout process. These unfinished orders are saved, along with any information collected, and displayed in this report. Use this report to follow-up with the customer and close the sale!
Search Open Basket
Either search for all Open Basket to display all open baskets, or select Open Basket that matches the rules below to refine the search.
Open Basket Report Columns
Click the icon to view a popup with a brief summary of the open basket.

The customer's System ID number.  The CID is a unique number that identifies the customer to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

Customer Name
Displays the customer's name and provides a link to the corresponding customer editor page.

Customer Email
Displays the customer's email address and provides a MAILTO: link.

# of Products
Displays the number of products in the open basket.

Displays the date the open basket occurred on.

Affiliate Tracking ID
Displays the affiliate's tracking ID, if applicable.

Place Order
Clicking this link will start the Place an Order tool with the open basket's customer info and products preloaded.
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