inventory_object DB table
  Last Edited - 05/24/2010 12:18pm PDT
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This article outlines the database structure for the MMv4 inventory_object database table.

  • id
    Primary Key of the table.
    int(10) | unsigned | auto increment | primary key | indexed
  • name
    The name of the inventory object.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • infinite
    Whether this inventory object has infinite stock.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • units
    The amount of units are currently in stock.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • low_stock_alert
    The number in which a low stock alert email will be generated if the units drop below.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • restock_alert
    Similar to low_stock_alert, only this will trigger a restock alert email.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • low_stock_hide
    Similar to the low_stock_alert, only the product will be hidden from the storefront.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • allow_oversell
    Whether this inventory object allows for overselling or backorders.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed


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