Version 4.110615.1650 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.110615.1650
  • General Updates
  • Miscellaneous Updates
    • Administration Area: Fixed issue that could cause a "division by zero" error when generating graphs in various locations throughout the administration area.
    • Administration Area: The store is now connecting to the IP-to-Country lookup API mentioned in the previous Release Notes.
    • Admin Home Page: The list of Recent Admin Pages will now be retained after the web browser is closed. Previously, the list would be cleared each time the browsing session ended.
    • Cookies: Fixed an issue that would cause all cookies set by the software to expire when the customer closed their web browser, regardless of the expiration date set within the System Settings.
    • Daily Snapshot Report: Fixed several display issues in the Daily Snapshot Report. The names of customers and admins were not being displayed in the Account Activity section. The date search table was missing its outer border.
    • Customer Editor: Added an additional check when the page is updated that reviews the customer's subscription, and, if all of the products in their subscription have been deleted, then the subscription's "shell" database record is also removed.
    • Customer Editor: The Customer Editor will now allow admins to give a customer an email address with a fictitious domain. In the storefront, the customer's email address will still be vetted, in an attempt to prevent customers from providing invalid email addresses.
    • Customer Management: Added additional explanatory text to the error message that is generated if a customer's email address is invalid.
    • Database: Removed digdel_order_item.access_attempts and digdel_order_item.expire_extension database fields because improvements to the shopping cart software have made these two fields obsolete.
    • Digital Delivery: Removed debugging output from the bottom of the storefront's Digital Delivery page.
    • Digital Delivery: Fixed an issue that would cause a purchased Digital Object's expiration date and number of allowed access attempts to be calculated incorrectly.
    • Off-Site Payment Gateways: Added "Search Pending Off-Site Payment Gateway Transactions" page. This page lists transactions that have been started on an off-site payment gateway (such as PayPal or Google Checkout) but have not yet been completed by the customer. These incomplete off-site transactions will no longer be listed with your store's regular orders. They will be kept in the list of "pending transactions" until the off-site payment gateway responds back to the store with a notification that the transaction has been completed on their website. At that time, the transaction will be removed from the "pending" list, and an official order will be created for it.
    • Order Editor: Applying refunds to credit card transactions from within the store's administration area is now functional.
    • Order Search: Changed "System ID" to "Order ID" in the search tool on the Search Orders page.
    • PayPal: The PayPal Website Payments Standard payment gateway is now unlocked and ready to use.
    • QuickBooks Export: The QuickBooks Export module is unlocked and ready for use. As in v3 it produces QuickBooks-compatible .iif files that can be used to import customer and order records directly into QuickBooks.
    • QuickCode Tags: Improved the formatting of the output generated by the {ORDER-PAY-METHOD} QuickCode Tag.
    • Search Orders: The options in the Action menu are now active.

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