Version 4.110719.1418 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.110719.1418
  • General Updates
  • Miscellaneous Updates
    • Account Management: The Administration Area page that allows you to view and edit your Modular Merchant billing address and credit card information is now unlocked and ready to use.
    • Account Management: A new page in the Administration Area page that displays the Modular Merchant services you are subscribed to, and your account's complete billing history, is now unlocked and ready to use.
    • eChecks are now unlocked and ready to use.
    • Customer Editor: Fixed the rendering of several table borders on the Customer Editor page.
    • Navigation Menu: Fixed the links for several buttons in the Navigation Menu.
    • Order Editor: The quantity, Unit Price Paid and Gift Wrap settings can now be updated in the Order Editor.
    • Order Editor: Fixed an issue that would cause a warning message about the "mktime" function when updating an order containing a Digital Object that is set to never expire.
    • Product Editor: Improved the display of the "Select a Category" and "Select a Vendor" options when the store doesn't contain any categories or vendors.
    • QuickCode Tags: Updated eCheck-related QuickCode Tags to correct an issue in which the customer's echeck data could become unsyncronized.
    • Search Orders: Added links to the customer account area and customer editor in the "Billing First & Last Name" field.
    • Search Subscriptions: Removed erroneous double quotation marks from the link href tag in the "Customer Name" field.
    • Subscriptions: Items in the "Pending Cancellation" popup in the Subscriptions table on the Admin Home page are now sorted by the date the subscription cancellation will take affect, in ascending order.
    • Subscriptions: Fixed issue in which subscriptions with "Pending Cancellation" status would not actually be deleted from the database when their subscription was processed.
    • Subscriptions: Added custom script slot that is run when the system scans the DB for subscriptions that area pending cancellation.
    • Subscriptions: Finance charges are now being applied to overdue subscriptions.
    • Subscriptions: Fixed bug that would prevent price overrides from being applied to products in a subscription.
    • Subscription Editor: Fixed bug in which eCheck subscriptions would still display the credit card input fields.
    • Subscription Editor: The "Add a product to this subscription" fields in the Subscription Editor are now hidden by default. Clicking the text will reveal these fields.
    • Subscription Editor: Fixed bug in which the wrong Shipping Address SID number would be assigned to the first item in a subscription when editing subscriptions containing more than one product.
    • Subscription Search: Fixed issue in which the Search Subscriptions page would not retain its "Results Per Page" value when the page was first loaded.

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