Version 4.110927.1617 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.110927.1617
  • Administration Area
  • Missing Navigation Menu
    Fixed an issue that could potentially cause the Administration Area's Navigation Menu to disappear until the user logged out and back in.
  • Graceful Twitter Failure
    Improved the display of the error messages that are displayed in the "Twitter Searches" section of the Admin Home page if Twitter returns an error.
  • Hosting
  • Hosting Setup Checklist
    Updated the Hosting Setup Checklist to take advantage of the new hosting options available in MMv4.
  • Interface
  • Miscellaneous Typos
    Fixed various typos and grammatical errors throughout the Administration Area and storefront.
  • QuickCode Tags
  • GIFT-WRAP QuickCode Tags
    Added several conditions to the suite of GIFT-WRAP QuickCode Tags to help prevent the error message "the parent Block Tag couldn't be determined" in certain circumstances.
    Since the use of Facebook's Like button requires a "Facebook App Id", added a clause to the {FACEBOOK-LIKE-BUTTON} QuickCode Tag so that it is only displayed if an App Id has been entered in the Facebook Integration module's settings.
    Create a {PAGE-TITLE} QuickCode Tag which can be used within the HTML <title> tag to display a dynamically-generated page title that is appropriate for that storefront page. This will allow the webpage titles to be changed dynamically, such as using the product name on product pages, which will improve SEO.
    Added {IF-PRODUCT-USES-SHIPPING-BEGIN} and {IF-PRODUCT-USES-SHIPPING-END} QuickCode Tags. When used, the content included between these two QuickCode Tags will only be displayed if the product in question requires shipping. Note: These tags are currently for use only on the storefront's product page. It will be expanded to be used in more places in the future.
  • Storefront
  • Infinite Loop
    Fixed an issue in which the storefront's Digital Delivery area would fail to load if the Secure every storefront page System Setting was set to YES. Note: Due to compatibility issues with certain web browsers, the digdel_delivery.php storefront page will always load in an http environment. This is because, historically, a certain web browser cannot download certain file types in an https environment. (The downloads served from that page are secured in other ways.)
  • Persistent Shipping Fee
    Fixed an issue in which an order's total would be the incorrect amount in the following situation: A customer adds a shipped product to their basket, selects a shipping method, then adds a nonshipped product to their basket, then deletes the shipped product. Previously, even though the ship method was no longer displayed in the basket, the ship fee was still being added into the order total.
  • Subscription Products
    Created {SUBSCRIPTION-OSPG-LINK} QuickCode Tag, which can be used in certain email templates to provide a link to a customer so that they can pay an installment towards their subscription using an off-site payment gateway.
  • OSPG Support
    Added an option to the Subscription Products module to allow subscriptions to be paid for with an OSPG (off-site payment gateway), such as PayPal Website Payments Standard or Google Checkout. Note: Due to the nature of off-site payment gateways, their subscription orders must be processed differently than subscriptions paid for by regular credit cards. See this overview on the difference between offsite-payment gateway and regular credit card transactions for details.
  • OSPG Subscription Cron
    Added a new cron job (automated server-side task) for processing subscriptions that are paid for with an off-site payment gateway. The cron job sends an email to each customer daily once their subscription becomes due.
  • OSPG Subscription Email Template
    Added a template that can be used to customize the email message that is sent to customers with a subscription that is paid for using an off-site payment gateway. The System ID (SID) number of this new email template is 204. It can be edited within the store's Administration Area at [Design > Email Templates].
  • OSPG subscription module options
    Added several new options to the Subscription Products module's options for handling subscriptions that are paid for with an offsite-payment gateway. These options are located within the store's Administration Area at: [Modules > Subscription Products > Subscription Product Module Settings].
  • Universal Template
  • Product Page
    In the Universal Template's product page, encapsulated the Weight and Ship To menus within IF-PRODUCT-USES-SHIPPING-BEGIN/END QuickCode Tags, so these items are only displayed if the product is requires shipping.

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