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  Last Edited - 02/29/2012 2:19pm PST
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When a software update has been released, the Release Notes page will contain a list of all Development Schedule items that were included with the update, including new features, bug fixes, and functionality upgrades.  The release notes are also displayed immediately after the update has been installed to your account, and are available in the Modular Merchant forums. 


Release notes are organized by individual project titles.  The icon next to each project title indicates the type of update.

Attention Item
An item that will require additional action after the software update is installed.

Feature Request
New functionality that has been added to the Modular Merchant shopping cart software.

An update that fixes an issue that prevented the software from behaving in the intended manner.

You may also browse the release notes from previous updates on the Modular Merchant forums or by clicking Previous Release Notes link.

Release notes can be viewed at the following location:

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