Version 4.120221.1103 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.120221.1103
  • Administration Area
  • Support Ticket Editor
    The Support Ticket Editor should now properly display code (such as JavaScript) that was written in previous ticket posts. Previously, the presence of code could cause the Ticket Editor to stop rendering the page.
  • Upload Store Graphics
    The images created on the server with the tool located at [Design > Upload Store Graphics] will now be editable by the FTP user after they have been uploaded. (Previously, these images were only editable by the server, since the server handles their upload and installation on the site.)
  • Record Affiliate Payment(s)
    Removed an extra horizontal line that would be displayed on the Record Affiliate Payment(s) page if there were no search results to display.
  • Support Ticket Editor
    Fixed an issue in which the title field in the Support Ticket Editor could truncate the ticket's title after the first instance of a quotation mark.
  • Search Store Graphics
    The image directory selection tool on the [Design > Search Store Graphics] page will now list all of the subdirectories within the "images" directory (if any). Reminder: creating multiple levels of subdirectories under the "images" directory isn't recommended. For best performance, create just one level of subdirectories within the store's "images" directory.
  • Customer Editor
    The Affiliate Tracking IDs section of the Customer Editor now includes a link to view the usage stats for each Tracking ID listed.
  • Search Affiliate Tracking IDs
    The Search Affiliate Tracking IDs page in the Affiliate Marketing module area now includes a link to view the usage stats for each Tracking ID listed.
  • Record Affiliate Payment(s)
    Made some subtle improvements to the layout of the Record Affiliate Payment(s) page in the Affiliate Marketing module section of the store's Administration Area.
  • Alert Notifications
    Added a series of "Alerts" that will be displayed at the top of the Administration Area's Home page, directly above the "Bulletins". Some items that will trigger Alerts include:
    1. More than one customer account has the same email address. (Every customer account must have a unique email address.)
    2. Digital Objects with URLs that contain characters (such as spaces) that could cause problems when downloaded by certain web browsers.
    3. When your Affiliate Payday is within the next five days.
    4. When any of your Affiliates have met your store's Minimum Payout Threshold.
    5. If any affiliates require administrative approval.
    6. If any product reviews require administrative approval.
    7. Misconfigured Product Groups.
  • Search Products
    Added a field to the Search Products page to display the number of customers that are subscribed to each product. This field can be added to the Search Products page by following these steps:
    1. On the Search Products page, click the Customize Table Columns link.
    2. On the popup that opens, select the checkbox for # of Subscribers.
    3. Click the Save my Changes button to return to the Search Products page with the field added to the page's product list.
  • QuickCode Tags
    Updated both the {PRODUCT-IMAGE-URL} and {PRODUCT-IMAGE-TAG} QuickCode Tags so that they will accept more variations of the optional image size value. For example, the tag can now specify that the medium version of the product's first image be used with this version of the tag: {PRODUCT-IMAGE-URL:1:m}. The "m" may be upper or lower case, and either "m" or the full word "medium" may now be used.
    The {PRODUCT-STATUS} QuickCode Tag can now be used in the lists of products on category pages, between the {CATEGORY-RESULTS-BLOCK-BEGIN} and {CATEGORY-RESULTS-BLOCK-END} tags.
    The {IF-PRODUCT-USES-SHIPPING-BEGIN} and {IF-PRODUCT-USES-SHIPPING-END} QuickCode Tags can now be used in the lists of products on category pages, between the {CATEGORY-RESULTS-BLOCK-BEGIN} and {CATEGORY-RESULTS-BLOCK-END} tags.
    Added a new QuickCode Tag named {CATEGORY-BREADCRUMB-LINKS}. This tag will display a list of links for the chain of the category's parent categories. It can be used anywhere the {CATEGORY-NAME} tag can be used.
  • Storefront
  • Event Engine
    Fixed an issue in which the store wouldn't record which events were associated with an order in certain circumstances.
  • Pay with Coupon Code
    Fixed an issue in which, under certain circumstances, a customer could be allowed to place an order with a coupon code without being required to pay for any shipping fees not covered by the coupon code.

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