Pay with PayPal button missing from checkout page
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missing paypal button
I noticed that there is a Pay with PayPal button on my store's checkout page, but only when the cart is empty. If I add a product to my basket, the PayPal button disappears off the checkout page. What am I doing wrong?

As you know, PayPal requires the customer to log in to PayPal's website in order to complete their orders. A payment method like PayPal, which requires your customers to leave your website to complete their orders, is referred to as an "Off-Site Payment Gateway".

Due to the nature of off-site payment gateways, the shopping cart software must handle them a bit differently than credit cards when a customer is purchasing a subscription product. This is because when the next payment in the customer's subscription becomes due, the store attempts to automatically process their order. However, Off-site payment gateways don't allow this, since they require the customer to be present and complete the order on their website.

Because of this, a different approach is required when selling subscription products to PayPal customers and, by default, the store's "Pay with Paypal" button is hidden when a customer is purchasing subscription products. However, there is a setting you can enable that will allow the PayPal button to be displayed even when subscription products are being purchased. This option is located in the store's Administration Area at: [Modules > Subscription Products > Subscription Product Module Settings]. On that page, the setting is #1, titled "Allow off-site payment gateways?". Enabling this option will allow the PayPal button to be displayed when purchasing subscription products.

For more information, refer to this article, which explains what to expect when a subscription uses an off-site payment gateway as its method of payment:

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