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An order's product subtotal (sometimes referred to simply as the "subtotal") is the sum of the price of all of the product in an order. Any of the other fees in the order, such as taxes, shipping or adjustments, are excluded when calculating the product subtotal.

calculating an order's product subtotal
For example, an order's product subtotal could be calculated like this:

   Product One: $2.00
   Product Two: $4.00
+  Product Three: $8.00
  Product Subtotal: $14.00

  Taxes: $5.00
+ Shipping Fees: $20.00
  Order Grand total: $39.00

The order's grand total is $39.00 (all of the order's expenses), but the product subtotal is $14.00. (Product One + Product Two + Product Three = $14.00)
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