Version 4.120614.1305 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 06/14/2012 1:05pm PDT
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.120614.1305
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • FedEx Shipments
    Added a "Residential" true/false value to the data that is sent to FedEx when obtaining shipping labels and tracking ID numbers. The value submitted to FedEx will match the value selected in option #5 "FedEx Recipient Type", located at: [Modules > 3rd Party Integration > FedEx]. This value should prevent FedEx from returning warning messages when attempting to create shipments for certain types of customer addresses.
  • Administration Area
  • Search Pending Off-Site Payment Gateway Transactions
    The SID field on the Search Pending Off-Site Payment Gateway Transactions page now has a popup that will display a summary of the transaction, including the customer's address and the products in the pending transaction.
  • Place an Order tool
  • Shipping Fees on Step 3
    Fixed an issue in which an overridden shipping fee value would revert back to its original price when updating the customer's basket on Step 3 of the Place an Order tool.
  • Shipping Fees on Step 4
    Fixed an issue in which shipping fees could become incorrect if an error was encountered when submitting an order on Step 4 of the Place an Order tool.
  • Storefront
  • Postal Codes
    United Arab Emerites addresses will no longer require a postal code to be entered. (United Arab Emerites doesn't use them.)
  • Subscriptions
  • Subscription Schedule
    Products and subscriptions can now be scheduled to bill on a specific date. For example, if you were releasing a new product on Halloween, but wanted to collect pre-orders for it, you could create a product with a Subscription Rule specifying that it bills on October 31st. All orders for the product that are placed between now an then will create subscriptions scheduled to be billed on Halloween. For more information, see the corresponding "future billing" tutorial in the Knowledge Base.

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