category_attr_data DB Table
  Last Edited - 05/6/2009 1:04pm PDT
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This article outlines the database structure for the MMv4 category_attr_data database table. This table contains the data associated with any custom category attributes that have been created.

For example, if a custom category attribute has been created to record the fax number associated with a category, then this table will include an entry recording the fax number for each individual category.

  • id
    Primary Key of the table.
    int(10) | unsigned | auto increment | primary key | indexed
  • container_id
    Reference to the that this node is associated with.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • content
    This is the actual value that is selected or input by the user when the form field was submitted.
  • object_id
    Reference to the object (in this case, the that this record is associated with.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
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