Manage Modular Merchant Account
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The Manage Modular Merchant Account page is used to specify the products associated with your Modular Merchant account, and to update the credit card that your Modular Merchant account is billed to.

This page can be located in your Administration Area, through [Admin > Manage Modular Merchant Account].
Product Subscription

Under Product Subscription, there are four subsections:

Account Plan
Choose between one of our five account plans (BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND). To select the account plan that best meets your company's needs, review each one at:

SSL Certificate
Here you may select which SSL Certificate, if any, to purchase from Modular Merchant. Modular Merchant will install and renew the SSL Certificate for you! For more information on what an SSL Certificate is, and the details on if/why you need one:

PCI Concierge
One service Modular Merchant offers, is the option to have us manage your store's PCI Compliance, using McAfee's PCI Certification Service. For information on why you need PCI Certification, and what's included, review the following page:

File Storage Area
Another service Modular Merchant provides is the option to purchase File Storage Areas. File Storage Areas add unlimited storage space to your account for just pennies per gigabyte. This is a great option for clients who have a lot of downloads. For more information on rates and what's included, see:

there's more?!
Click here to view the other services we have to offer!

Credit Card

Under Credit Card, you may update the credit card information associated with your Modular Merchant account.
Billing Info Associated with Credit Card

Under Billing Info Associated With Credit Card, you may alter the billing information associated with your credit card as needed. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
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