Version 4.121022.0846 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.121022.0846
  • Administration Area
  • WYSIWYG Editor
    Improved the way the WYSIWYG HTML editor handles "block" QuickCode Tags, such as {FEATURED-PRODUCT-BLOCK-BEGIN}. This should allow more of the QuickCode Tags to be displayed in the WYSIWYG HTML editor, which should make HTML templates and email messages easier to edit. (Previously, it was necessary for nearly all of the "block" QuickCode Tags to be hidden from view in the WYSIWYG HTML editor.)
  • Subscription Deletion Notification Email
    An Email Message is now available specifically for use when a customer deletes a subscription to a product from within their Customer Account Area. (Previously, the Subscription Cancellation Notification Email would be sent instead.) This email message can be found and edited at: [Design > Email Messages]. It is Email Message SID number 205.
  • General
  • Performance Improvements
    Introduced a new cache system that will reduce the number of database calls required during the shopping and checkout process. (For example: In a test account loaded with many taxes, events, products and categories, the number of queries to the store's database was cut nearly in half.)
  • Performance Improvements
    Optimized several commonly used components to improve the software's performance.
    (In benchmark tests, load times of pages in both the Administration Area and storefront were reduced an average of 1.1 seconds.)
  • Performance Improvements
    Made several optimizations to reduce the amount of data retained in the server's memory for each customer's shopping session.
    (In benchmark tests, the amount of data being stored in memory was reduced on average to 25% of the original amount.)
  • Modules
  • Event Engine
    Added several improvements to how the Event Engine handles potentially malformed events to improve storefront performance and prevent a potential issue that could prevent orders from being placed.
  • QuickCode Tags
  • "Subscription Credit Card Expiration Warning" Emails
    The {CUSTOMER-BILL-FIRST-NAME}, {CUSTOMER-BILL-LAST-NAME} and {CREDIT-CARD-LAST-FOUR-DIGITS} QuickCode Tags will can now be used in the system's "Subscription Credit Card Expiration Warning" email (email message SID 201). (Previously, all three of these QuickCode Tags would display nothing if used that email message.)
    The {PRODUCT-FIELD} and {PRODUCT-FIELD-TITLE} QuickCode tags can now accept a parameter specifying the SID number of the product field to display. (For example: Product Field SID 123 could be displayed in a desired location on the page by using: {PRODUCT-FIELD:123}.)
    Note: Both of these QuickCode tags are only compatible with being used on a product's details page in the storefront.
    Added support for the {PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION} QuickCode Tag.
  • Storefront
  • Customer Log Out
    When a customer logs out, it will now also clear any new shipping addresses that they were creating during their shopping session. This change is being made in order to prevent several potential error messages that would be displayed in the storefront in this situation.
    NOTE: This is a change in storefront behavior. Previously, the new shipping addresses would be retained when logging out.
    NOTE: New shipping addresses are still not cleared when logging in, only when logging out.
  • Content synchronization across multiple tabs
    Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong category to be displayed in the storefront. This would happen if a customer opened a category that has multiple pages of results, then opened a different category in a new browser tab, then returned to the original category and went to its second page of results. (Previously, this would have resulted in the different category's second page of results to be displayed, instead of those for the original category's.) This same issue could affect vendor pages, which have been fixed as well.
  • Customer Log Out
    Fixed an issue that was preventing all instances of the customer's shipping address from being cleared when a customer logged out of the storefront.
  • Shipping Address Menu
    If a new shipping address doesn't have an "address line 1" value, then the shipping address dropdown menu will display:
    Incomplete Shipping Address (#0000000000)
    Previously, it would just display a blank entry in the dropdown menu.
  • Tax Calculations
    Fixed an issue that could cause certain tax configurations to display an "array sum" warning message at the top of various storefront pages.
  • System Settings
  • Missing Company Information
    Located and resolved the issue that could cause the "Company Info" System Settings to be deleted. (This would happen when working with certain product and drop shipper combinations, where the product was shipped from the default drop shipper of "none", but a request to update the drop shipper's company info was submitted.)

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