Version 4.121218.0821 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 12/18/2012 8:21am PST
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.121218.0821
  • Modules
  • Reward Points
    Fixed an issue that was recently introduced in which Reward Points weren't always being earned if the customer paid with a credit card.
  • Reward Points
    Fixed an issue in which the number of Reward Points to apply to an order could become "stuck", and thereby applied to subsequent orders placed for other customers, if: first, an order was placed in the storefront, and at least one Reward Point was redeemed in that order, and the order was paid for with an off-site payment gateway (such as PayPal), but the order was abandoned on the off-site payment gateway's website. But then, a Store Admin manually completed the order using the Pending Off-Site Payment Gateway Transactions page in the Administration Area, and then finally,  that same Store Admin placed an order for a different customer in the storefront using the same web browser. You can't make this stuff up.
  • QuickCode Tags
    Fixed an issue with the {COMPOSITE-PRODUCT-IMAGE-ZOOM} QuickCode Tag in which it could fail to load properly if none of the images on the page had captions.
    Added {IF-GRID-VIEW-BEGIN} and {IF-GRID-VIEW-END} QuickCode Tags that can be used in the category, search results, storefront and vendor templates to toggle between content, depending on whether the user is viewing product listings in either list or grid format.
  • Universal Template
  • Storefront Product Page
    The Universal version of the product.tpl file is changed to use the {COMPOSITE-PRODUCT-IMAGE-ZOOM} QuickCode Tag to display product images. (Previously, it used the {COMPOSITE-PRODUCT-IMAGE-SWAP} QuickCode Tag instead.)
  • Checkout Template
    The Universal version of the checkout page template has been updated: If the customer uses the "Previously Used Credit Card" menu to pay with one of the credit cards already on file in their account, then the form fields on the page that are used to input a new credit card will be disabled and will become faded. If they change their mind and change the "Previously Used Credit Card" menu back to the option to pay with a new credit card, then the credit card fields will be re-enabled and unfaded.
  • Options for Grid View
    The Universal versions of the category.tpl, search_results.tpl, store_home.tpl and vendor.tpl files have all now include options for the customer to toggle between viewing the products on the page as either a list or a grid.

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