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The Modular Mailer Module is located at [Modules > Modular Mailer], and is enabled for accounts with Silver account plans and higher.

Modular Mailer Overview

The Modular Mailer module is designed to accomplish several tasks:

  • send a single personalized email message to a group of customers (such as an announcement of the launch of a new product line),
  • create a series of personalized email messages that individual customers will receive at specified dates (such as a monthly newsletter),
  • automatically sign individual customers up to receive a series of emails when they perform certain tasks, such as when they purchase a specified product (this type of email is also known as an "autoresponder").
A fictional store selling cat care accessories could use Modular Mailer to do the following...

Send a monthly newsletter to all the customers in the store.

Send an email advertising a special on cat leashes to all the customers who purchased a cat collar within the past 90 days.

Create a pre-made series of emails containing cat care tips that will automatically be sent to customers once a week over the next several months when they purchase a specific brand of cat food.

What else does Modular Mailer do?

This module may also track statistics about the emails it sends. Information such as which email instances have been opened by the recipient and which links in the email they've clicked on will be recorded in real-time, and can be reviewed at [Reports > Email Archive].

Note: Certain email applications will block this sort of tracking. However, if the tracking options are enabled in the email template, then Modular Mailer will track this information, if allowed by the recipient's email program.

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