Version 4.130128.0816 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.130128.0816
  • Administration Area
  • Customer Account Area
    Fixed a display issue in the Payoff Due field in the Credit Account section of the Customer Editor. (In some cases, it would display "N/A" if the customer's payoff date was in the past.)
  • Links to Upload Store Graphics page
    Fixed locations in which the links to the Upload Store Graphics popup window weren't working. The links have been fixed on the [Design > Search Store Graphics] and [Design > Template Images] pages.
  • Product Editor
    Fixed an issue in which Product Attributes would not be retained when creating a brand new product. Now, any attributes assigned to a product will be retained when editing an existing product and when creating a new one.
  • Search File Storage Areas
    On the page at [Modules > Digital Delivery > Search File Storage Areas], the checkbox and edit options have been removed for the store's default "digital_objects" file storage directory. The settings for this default directory cannot be modified, so the checkbox and related options should not have been present.
  • Place an Order tool
    The payment option of "Customer Credit Account" can now be used in the Place an Order tool within the store's Administration Area.
  • Search Orders
    The Status: Shipped? column on the Search Orders page now has up/down sorting arrows, allowing the orders displayed on the page to be organized by whether or not they've been marked as shipped.
  • Upload Store Graphics
    The Upload Image or Zip File option on the Upload Store Graphics page will now allow user to "CTRL click" to select multiple files and upload them all at once. (If the user's browser software supports this feature.)
  • Mail Messages
  • Support for Product Fields
    New versions of the store's Shipping Update (SID 501) and Fulfillment Report (SID 502) email message templates have been released. The new versions will display any product fields that were applied to the listed products. In order to use these new email message templates, go to [Design > Email Messages]. Open each of these email messages for editing. On the editor page, click the link titled Reset THIS Email Message to Default.
  • Place an Order tool
  • Product Search
    The Place an Order Tool allows Administrators to place orders containing inactive products. Any inactive products listed in the Place an Order Tool's Product Search area will now be displayed in gray text with "(INACTIVE)" appended to the product's name.
  • QuickCode Tags
    The format of the output produced by the {PRODUCT-FIELD-VALUE} QuickCode Tag has been changed. Previously, it displayed a comma-separated list of all product field values. Now, it will display an itemized list that includes the title of the product field, followed by its values. Any instances of the {PRODUCT-FIELD-VALUE} tag used in the basket, checkout and receipt pages -- as well as the related emails -- will use this new format.
    Fixed an issue in which the {IF-ORDER-USES-SHIPPING-BEGIN} could incorrectly be evaluated as "true" when used in the order receipt email template. (When used in the receipt email, the tag was checking to see if the customer had a shipping address, instead of whether the order actually required shipping.)
  • Storefront
  • Customer Credit Accounts
    Fixed an issue in which the "Pay with Your Customer Credit Account" button could still be displayed as a payment option on the store's checkout page, even if the customer's credit account was not in good standing. Now, the button won't be present on the checkout page if either the customer's credit account has insufficient funds, or it is overdue for a payment.
  • Shipping Options
    Dollar signs -- and several of the characters after the dollar sign -- will no longer be removed from the name of the shipping method on the checkout page.
  • Universal Template
  • Customer Account Area
    The Universal version of the customer account area template has been updated. The customer's Order History will now include any product field data for each of the products in the customer's order history.

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