Version 4.130225.0843 Release Notes
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.130225.0843
  • Administration Area
  • New Template Package Sandbox
    The "Template Package Sandbox", "HTML Template Editor" and "CSS/JavaScript Editor" pages have all been combined into a comprehensive new Template Package Sandbox. Additional new features and improvements to it include:
     - The template editing, upload, download and removal options are all now on one page, instead of being spread out over three pages.
     - Template Packages can be set as the storefront's live Template Package within the sandbox.
     - Template Packages can be previewed within the sandbox.
     - The sandbox specifies which Template Package (if any) is being previewed.
     - A list of all of the directories and files in the Template Package are listed on the page.
     - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, text, xml and image files can be viewed in the sandbox.
     - New HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, text files and directories can be created in the sandbox.
     - Images and other files can be uploaded in the sandbox.
     - The field for editing CSS and JavaScript files is larger than before.
     - Previews of the images in the template are displayed in the editor.
  • Search Products
    An Image column can now be added to the Search Products page. If a product has multiple images, then the image with the lowest Display Order will be displayed. To add this column to your Search Products page, follow these steps:
    1. On the Search Products page, click the link titled Customize Table Columns.
    2. In the popup that opens, select the checkbox titled Image.
    3. Click the Save My Changes button. This will close the popup and reload the Search Products page with the Image column added to it.
  • API
  • "Get Orders" API
    Made a fix to the "get orders" API that will allow Product Attributes to be among the search rules. (Previously, including Product Attributes among the submitted search query would return an error message.)
  • QuickCode Tags
    Improved the {FIELD-FILL-BILL-ADDRESS} QuickCode Tag so that it will populate the various billing address fields more consistently. (Previously, some of the fields could be left blank if the customer had left the checkout page, done more shopping, and then returned to complete their order.)
    Removed a blank space that would be prepended to the Order ID number displayed by the {ORDER-ID} QuickCode Tag.
    Fixed an issue that could cause the {URL-AFFILIATE-LOGIN} to redirect the user to the store's home page instead of the Affiliate's account area in some web browsers.
  • Storefront
  • Royalty Calculations
    Fixed an issue with the calculation of product royalties that could result in incorrect royalty calculations if certain types of discount rule were applied to the order.
  • Shipping Rates
    Fixed an issue with the system that displays real-time shipping rates on the checkout page that, under rare circumstances, could prevent the shipping rates from being displayed. (This could happen when the user was previewing a non-live Template Package in the storefront, while the live Template Package was a package designed for version 3 of the shopping cart software.)
  • System Settings
  • Security Updates
    Added a new option in the Security section of the System Settings. The new option is named "Use security check when Admins log in". If this option is set to "YES", then Admins will be prevented from logging in to the shopping cart software's Administration Area if their geographic location doesn't match the one on file for their Admin Account. If set to "NO", the Admin will be allowed to log in, but a warning will be recorded in a Support Ticket. (This System Setting defaults to "YES".)
  • Universal Template
  • CSS Styles
    Several improvements have been made to the CSS styles in the Universal Template system:
     - The CSS style named "ORANGE-BUTTON" has been renamed "ADD-TO-CART-BUTTON".
     - The CSS style named "GRAY-BUTTON" has been renamed "MORE-INFO-BUTTON".
     - Button CSS styles now have a hover state, meaning they change color slightly when moused over.
     - Updated all button CSS styles to a cleaner, more uniform design.
     - The "Select Version" and "Continue Shopping" buttons now have their own CSS styles. (Previously, they also used the "More Info Button" style.)

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