Version 4.130304.0836 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 03/4/2013 8:36am PST
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.130304.0836
  • Administration Area
  • Dropshipper Editor
    Fixed an issue in which the State dropdown menu on the Dropshipper Editor page could go blank when using the Chrome web browser.
  • Order Editor
    The message "ajax/payment_gateway_table.php:reward_points not supported yet." will no longer be displayed in the Payment Info section of the Order Editor when a customer redeems Reward Points to pay for an order.
  • Product Editor
    Fixed an issue which was preventing it from being possible to remove all Zone Fees from a product. It should now be possible to unassign any number of Zone Fees from a product, even all of them.
  • Typos
    Fixed several typos throughout the Administration Area.
  • Import/Export Center
    Credit cards can now be included when importing customers in the Administration Area's Import/Export Center. For security purposes, only the last four digits of a credit card number will be exported.
  • QuickCode Tags
    Fixed an issue in which the first letter of a product's name would be changed into a zero when the {PRODUCT-NAME} QuickCode Tag was used in the Subscription Product module's Upcoming Order Notification Email message.
    The {PRODUCT-SID} QuickCode Tag can now accept a parameter of a product's SID number. It will then display the price of that specific product.

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