Sale Price (Product Editor Field)
  Last Edited - 05/21/2013 6:54pm PDT
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Putting a price on sale is as easy as entering a value in the Sale Price field in the Product Editor.

If a product has a sale price, it will override the product's regular price throughout the storefront.

how a product's sale price is displayed
If the sale price is lower than the product's regular price, then the original price will have a line through it, with the sale price highlighted in red, like this:

Sample Sale Product
Price: $100.00 $75.00
Status: Available

The size, colors and other styles can be changed to suit your needs by editing the appropriate storefront HTML templates.

A product's Sale Price doesn't prevent Events from also adjusting the product's price too.

If a product has a Sale Price assigned to it, then that price will be applied before any Events. If there are any Events that also adjust the product's price, then those Events will still be triggered as well, and they will make their adjustments based on the product's sale price, not its original price.

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