Version 13.0815 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 08/15/2013 12:45pm PDT
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 13.0815
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • Kindle Integration
    Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Send to Kindle" button for downloading digital products from working when using a responsive template built on the Bootstrap framework. (There was a conflict with another JavaScript library that controls other page components. The conflict has been resolved.)
  • Product Quantity
    Fixed an issue that could result in subscriptions being created for zero units of a product, if the subscription was started by purchasing the product using an off-site payment gateway, such as PayPal Website Payments Standard.
  • Template Editor
    Updated the WYSIWYG template editor to improve its compatibility with editing responsive templates. (Previously, the WYSIWYG editor would remove HTML tags from the template's source code, if the tags were formatted a certain way.)
  • USPS Shipping Rates
    Made more improvements to the API that the store uses to retrieve real-time USPS shipping rates. (The API should now better handle rates that have varying names, such as "Priority X-Day" and large, international packages.)
  • FedEx Integration
    FedEx shipping labels can now be printed in seven different sizes, including: 4x6, 4x8, 4x9, 7x4.75 (default size), 8.5x11 (bottom half of page), 8.5x11 (top half of page), and "paper letter".

    The FedEx label size setting can be set in the following location in your store's Administration Area: [Modules > 3rd-Party Service Integration > FedEx Shipping Tools]. On that page, use the option titled FedEx Label Size to select your preferred FedEx shipping label size.
  • PayPal Website Payments Standard
    Made several more updates to the store's PayPal IPN API that is used to process PayPal Website Payments Standard transactions. These updates were made to improve the way the store will communicate to and from PayPal after they launch their system updates around October 7, 2013.
  • Administration Area
  • Search Orders
    Orders can now be searched by the number of Reward Points Earned and/or the number of Reward Points Spent in the order.
  • General
  • User Authentication
    The system will now create one support ticket to record all failed login attempts by store administrators. (Previously, each login failure was recorded in its own individual support ticket.)
  • QuickCode Tags
    Updated the {INCLUDE-JAVASCRIPT-FILES} QuickCode Tag to fix a javascript conflict that could prevent the image zoom feature from working in some templates packages.
  • Editing Subscriptions
    Added several new QuickCode Tags to provide the option to allow customer to edit the bill date, hold status and/or quantity of the products that they're subscribed to. These new tags are {FIELD-PRODUCT-BILL-DATE}, {FIELD-PRODUCT-ON-HOLD} and {FIELD-PRODUCT-QUANTITY}.

    More information on using these new QuickCode Tags to allow your customers to manage these aspects of their subscriptions is available in the knowledge base article, "Allow Customers To Edit Their Subscriptions".
  • Storefront
  • Custom Webpages
    When previewing a template package (a package other than your store's live one) in your storefront, Custom Webpages will now use the template that has been assigned to them. (Previously, Custom Webpages would be displayed without any template applied to them when previewing a template package in your storefront.)
  • Event Engine
    Fixed an issue that could cause Events that are triggered by the cart's product subtotal to display an "array_sum" warning message in the storefront.
  • Product Fields
    Product Fields that alter a product's price by a percentage will now display correctly in all situations. (Previously, the percentage modification to the product's price could have incorrectly been displayed as a dollar-value modification on the product's store page.)
  • Custom Required Fields
    Improved the ability to add an unlimited number of custom, required fields on any storefront page.

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