Recommended update for responsive template packages
  Last Edited - 08/15/2013 1:59pm PDT
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On 8/15/2013, updated versions of the following five template packages were released:
  • astoria
  • brooks
  • cascadia
  • dexter
  • gold beach
It's recommended that anyone using one of these template packages install the latest version. This can be done in your store's Administration Area at: [Design > Get Template Packages].
The Problem

Saving a template in WYSIWYG Template Editor could cause the category list to be removed from the page.
The Fix

Option #1
If you're using either the astoria, brooks, cascadia, dexter, or gold beach template package, install the latest updated version of the package from witin your store's Administration Area at: [Design > Get Template Packages].

re-installing template packages
Note, that re-installing a template package will overwrite any customizations that you have made to it.

To update the template package without losing any customizations you've made, use Option #2 listed below.

Option #2
Edit each of the .tpl template files in the package and make the following change:

replace this:
<li {IF-CATEGORY-GENERATIONS-BEGIN:0}{NULL}{ELSE}id="subcategory_{CATEGORY-SID}" name="subcategory_{CATEGORY-SID}" class="parent_category_is_<?=$current_root_cat?>" style="display:none"{IF-CATEGORY-GENERATIONS-END}>

with this:
  <li id="subcategory_{CATEGORY-SID}" name="subcategory_{CATEGORY-SID}" class="parent_category_is_<?=$current_root_cat?>" style="display:none">

The above change will prevent the list of the store's categories from disappearing when the template is saved in the WYSIWYG template editor. This will need to be applied to every template within the template package.

If you have a responsive template package installed prior to 8/15/2013 that is experiencing this issue, but you're unsure of how to fix the problem, let us know! We'll be happy to help fix it.

Please use the support ticket editor in your account to start a ticket about this issue, and we will make the necessary changes to your templates for you. Be sure to include the name of the template package that needs correcting.
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