Version 13.1118 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 11/18/2013 9:47am PST
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 13.1118
  • Administration Area
  • Custom Fields
    Updated the cache that holds custom field data to be cleared more often when working in the store's Administration Area, in order to help keep the data displayed in the storefront up to date when an Admin is working in both the back-end and storefront at the same time.
  • Import/Export Center
    Fixed an issue in which spreadsheets couldn't be imported if a storefront was open for business but in Test Mode.
  • Import/Export Center
    Updated the way that imported spreadsheets are stored during the import process, to help prevent errors that could potentially be encountered when importing a very large file.
  • Search Categories
    Fixed an issue in which changes to the Parent Category field on the Search Categories page wouldn't be saved when the page was saved.
  • System Settings
    Fixed an issue in which the "Force customer IP match" System Setting could cause subscriptions to be declined in some situations.
  • Typos
    Fixed several typos discovered in various locations in the Administration Area.
  • Customer Editor
    The Customer Editor now includes a section that lists the recent logins by the customer account.
  • Search Orders
    Added Shipment SID to the list of search criteria on the Search Orders page.
  • General
  • Email Reporting
    Updated the frequency that Modular Merchant email invoices and reports are sent out, in order to better coincide with best email delivery practices.
  • QuickCode Tags
    Improved the display of the {IF-ORDER-MEMOS-BEGIN}, {IF-ORDER-MEMOS-END} and {ORDER-MEMOS} QuickCode Tags when used in the templates for the Customer Account Area.
  • Storefront
  • Checkout Fields
    If you have a required password field on the checkout page, but do not have a password confirmation field, you will no longer get an error when you submit the page.
  • Email Messages
    Added a printout of the custom checkout fields (if any) to default versions of the Order Receipt (email message SID 100) and order notification (email message SID 104) email message templates.
  • Minimum Purchase Quantity
    Fixed an issue that could cause a product's Minimum Purchase Quantity error message to be displayed unnecessarily when adding multiple products to the basket using a form with an array of quantity fields.
  • Digital Delivery
    Products with Digital Objects assigned to them can now be set to require a subscription to that product in order to download it's Digital Objects.

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