Core Shopping Cart Files
  Last Edited - 04/24/2018 9:07pm PDT
  Category Path - Glossary
Core shopping cart files -- also known as Modular Merchant store files -- are the files that make up your shopping cart installation.

overwriting core files
When we install a hosting account for your domain, we also allow you to connect to the website by SFTP and upload files.

Do not overwrite any shopping cart website files in the directory that the store is installed under. Doing so may interfere with the performance of your shopping cart software. (i.e. If your store is installed in /httpdocs/, do not overwrite any of the default files in that directory.)

Core shopping cart files are replaced with their current versions every time a software update is released. This means that if you make any changes to them, those changes will be overwritten as soon as an update is released.
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