Creating links in the admin area HTML editor
  Last Edited - 05/6/2014 1:23pm PDT
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Throughout the admin area, several pages include one or more HTML editor panes. For example, the Product Editor includes an HTML editor for the Short Description option, and another HTML editor for the Long Description option; the Template Package Sandbox includes an HTML editor when the Template Editor pane is in WYSIWYG mode; the Customer Editor includes an HTML editor in the Customer Notes section. All of these HTML editors are created using the third-party CK Editor, which includes several helpful menu options to make editing HTML quick and easy.

One of the options provided by the CK Editor is the Link button, which is typically located in the top or middle row of menu buttons, and has an icon of a chain link in front of a globe:

The Link button may be used to add a link at the desired location in the HTML content, following the steps below:
  1. Left click at the desired location in the HTML content, to place the cursor.
  2. Type the text that will become the clickable link.
  3. Highlight the text that will become the clickable link.
  4. Click the Link button in the CK Editor menu to open the Link popup window.
  5. In the URL field of the Link popup window, type the URL of the link's destination.
  6. Click the OK button to save the URL and close the Link popup window.
  7. The CK Editor will turn the highlighted text into a link with the destination URL that was entered in the Link popup window.
  8. Be sure to use the admin area page's save option (typically a blue Save Changes button at the bottom of the page) to save the new link.
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