Buy product X, get product Y free
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This tutorial describes the steps to add a free product to the customer's basket when a different product that you specify is present in their basket.

  • When a customer adds a unit of Product X to their basket, the store automatically adds one free unit of Product Y to the basket as well.
  • If the customer removes Product X from the basket, Product Y is also automatically removed.
  • The customer cannot change the number of units of Product Y that are in their basket.
To replicate this type of functionality in your store, use the Event Engine Editor to create an event with the following Triggers and Results:

The event's trigger(s) should be set up as follows:

trigger 1 of 1
Type: product
Details: When 1 or more unit(s) of product SID 123 are in the customer's basket

In the example above, change "123" to the SID of the product that the customer must have present in their basket in order to trigger the event.

The event's result(s) should be set up as follows:

result 1 of 1
Type: product added to basket
Details: Add 1 units of product SID 456 to the basket and decrease its price by 100 percent

In the example above, change "456" to the SID of the free product that is automatically added to the customer's basket.
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