Products in category X discounted by Y amount if customer has a subscription to product Z
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This tutorial describes the steps to provide a discount on all products in a specific category. The discount will only be available to customers who have a current subscription to a specified product.

  • When a customer has a current subscription to product Z, the store will apply a discount to all products in category X, in the amount of Y (dollars or percent).
  • If the customer does not have a subscription to product Z, then the discount will not be applied.
To replicate this type of functionality, use the Event Engine Editor to create an event with the following trigger and result settings:

The discount is only available to customers who have a current subscription to a specified product. This means that the event is triggered by the presence of the specified product in the customer's subscription, using the following trigger settings:

trigger settings
Trigger Type: product
Trigger Details: When 1 or more unit(s) of product SID Z are in the customer's subscription

Change Z to the SID number of the product that the customer must be subscribed to in order to trigger the event.

The event applies a discount all products in a certain category. This means that the event's result is a discount to that product category, using the following result settings:

Result Type: product pricing
Result Details: The price of products in category SID X is decreased Y percent -OR- dollars

Change X to the SID number of the product category to be discounted, and change Y to the amount of the discount.

Other Settings

To allow a customer to receive this discount more than once, toggle the Reusable option to YES.
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