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Emails that encounter a delivery problem and return a failure message back to the sender can be tracked under the following conditions:
  1. The email message must have been sent using the shopping cart's Modular Mailer system. Bounces for order receipts and other store-generated emails listed in the [Design > Email Messages] area cannot be tracked.
  2. The Bounce Email Account Credentials in the Modular Mailer system's settings must be completed. This setting is located at [Design > Modular Mailer > Modular Mailer Settings]. These settings record the address and login credentials for the email account that will be used to capture bounced emails that are sent using the Modular Mailer system.
  3. The email that was sent must use the email account specified in the Bounce Email Account Credentials setting as its "From" address. This will allow bounced emails to be sent to the mailbox that the shopping cart software will be checking regularly to record bounced emails.
When these three conditions are met, it will allow bounced email messages to be delivered to the email address that the email was sent from. The shopping cart software will then log in to that email address' mailbox hourly to check for new bounce email messages. Any bounces that it finds in that mailbox will be recorded in the store records, and then the email message will be deleted from that mailbox.
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