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Modular Mailer Module Options
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Modular Mailer Module Options

These options control the behavior of the store's Modular Mailer module.
Modular Mailer Module Options

Bounce threshold
Specifies how many times customer's emails will bounce before they are automatically removed from mailing lists. Once this threshold is reached, the customer's Email Opt In option in the Customer Editor will automatically be changed to "NO". Only emails sent by Modular Mailer will be counted towards the bounce threshold. System generated emails such as Order Receipt emails will not be included in this tally, even if they are bounced.

Modular Mailer will not send emails to customers who have their Email Opt In option set to "NO", even if those customers are in an Email Series or if they're in a Customer Group that an email blast is being sent out to.

Bounce email account credentials

Enter the login credentials of the email account to receive any bounced emails.  The required fields are Mail Server, Email Account Login, and Email Account Password. These would be the exact same credentials one would use when setting up an email account in applications such as Outlook.

This information must be provided in order for the system to automatically manage bounced emails.

how is this setting used?
The Bounce Email Account Credentials setting is used by the shopping cart software in the following way:

Once an hour, the cart will attempt to make a POP3 connection to the specified email account, using the login credentials that have been provided.

If the connection to the email account is successful, the software will then search all of the emails present in the mailbox. Any emails present in the mailbox will be considered to be failed delivery attempts.

If it finds any emails that were sent by the Modular Mailer system, then it will record the delivery failure as an additional "email bounce" in the customer account associated with the message's email address.

The email message will then be deleted from the mailbox, so that it doesn't interfere with future scans.

Most Modular Merchant clients have chosen to create a specific email address for the sole purpose of managing the Modular Mailer bounced emails.  This will help prevent undesired emails from reaching your main email account(s).  Additional email accounts can be created within Plesk.

— Last Edited - 12/9/2013 9:51am PST
Comments: This article has 2 user comments.
  pujanet said... December 06, 2013 -- 8:57pm PST
So when one uses Plesk to create an email account as you recommend, where are the fields that need to be entered in the form? What mail server? How do we test to see if it is working properly and if we have entered the correct info. Need a test function and an example.
  cmarier said... December 09, 2013 -- 9:51am PST
The email account used to capture bounced messages would be set up exactly the same as any other email account. The instructions in this tutorial can be used to create it:

Since it's set up the same as a regular email account, it can be tested the same way as usual. I find the best way to test a new email account is simply to send a test email message to and from it.
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