Changing a Modular Merchant account name
  Last Edited - 12/30/2013 9:19am PST
  Category Path - Shopping Cart Software Components
Are there any tools available for us to change our Modular Merchant account name? We would like to change it from "dartboard45" to "shoes_that_heel".

Please advise.

There are no tools available in the Administration Area to change the account name. However, this is something that a Modular Merchant tech would be able to do no problem!

If you would be interested in having your Modular Merchant account name changed, please:
  1. Start a support ticket in your account.
  2. Be sure to include what you would like the new account name to appear as.

Q: Will the change in account name affect login?
A: Yes. You will now need to use the new name in the Modular Merchant Account Name field when logging in.

Q: Is my account name displayed anywhere that my customers could see?
A: Only if your store is hosted in our default "starter" area, "". If your store is hosted in our shared environment, the account name will appear in the URL.

If your store is hosted in the default area, and the account name is "shoes_that_heel", then it would display as:
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