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Search Wish Lists

The Wish Lists module is used to allow customers to create and save a list of products in the store that can be viewed later, or as a gift registration where the list can be made public and sent to others.

The Search Wish Lists page displays the wish lists that are currently present in the store.  By default, the wish lists are displayed by their SID (System ID) number.  A different method of sorting can be selected by clicking the up and down arrows in the heading of each column.
Search Wish Lists
Either search for all Wish Lists or use the provided tool to refine the search results.
Search Results Columns

The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the wish list to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

Wish List Name
The Wish List Name will be displayed to customers and store admins alike.

Customer Info
Displays the customer's name and provides a link to the customer editor.  Click the orange key  link to log into the storefront as the customer.

# of Products
Displays the number of products the wish list contains.

Public Access Code 
Displays the public access code that users can access in the storefront.  The code is in the form of a link that will open in a new browser tab or window.

Is Public
Designates whether the wish list is public or not.

Click the number to view any notes that may be associated with the wish list.

Edit Method
Click on the SID number or    icon to go to the Wish List Editor, where the wish list can be edited.

(Check icon)
The checkboxes in this column work with the options in the dropdown menu below.

Perform an action on the rows selected above...

change to private wish list
Updates the status of all selected rows to private.

change to public wish list
Updates the status of all selected rows to public.

If a wish list is no longer needed, it can be deleted.  To delete a wish list, select it on the far right, select delete in the dropdown below the table, and click Go.

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