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"Remote Membership Validation (RMV)" API
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"Remote Membership Validation (RMV)" API

this article last updated: June 12, 2013
Due to inevitable changes that will be made to the shopping cart software over time, the cart's variable and database structure may change from time to time without advanced notice. We will attempt to keep the information in this article up-to-date, but Modular Merchant makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information provided in this article. Use this information at your own risk.

Modular Merchant Gold (and higher) account plans have access to the Remote Membership Validation (RMV) API.

The RMV API can be used on a remotely-hosted website to add a login that will check and validate a customer's subscription to the product(s) you specify. Only customers with a valid subscription will be allowed to log in.

rmv api articles
A series of tutorials for the RMV API are available in the Memberships & Remote Member Validation (RMV) System section of this knowledge base. Refer to that section for more information.

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