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Welcome to the Modular Merchant ecommerce knowledge base!
Consider this knowledge base to be an online manual full of tutorials, walk-throughs, and helpful tips for using Modular Merchant's shopping cart software.
If you have questions on a specific article, post a comment to ask for help. Enjoy!

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Version 23.0619 Release Notes
Release notes for Modular Merchant version 23.0619 ### End of Release Notes ###
Give a specific customer a discount
This tutorial describes the steps to provide a discount to a specific...
Checkbox that adds additional products to...
quote I want to create a checkbox on my "Mac N' Cheese" product page, which upon...
Apple Mail - Suggested Mail Account Settings
last updated Article was last updated September 27th, 2016. This article is in place to...
Microsoft Outlook - Suggested Mail Account...
last updated Article was last updated 01/30/2017 This article is in place to help...
Earn rewards with the Powered by Modular...
Did you know that every Modular Merchant shopping cart includes a feature that can earn you up to...
Create Members-Only Websites: RMV Method
- - - - -For an overview of all of the membership management options that are available in Modular...
Introduction to Email Series
An  Email Series  is a sequence of emails, referred to as [url=Email Series Step]steps ,...
Create a CNAME record for your subdomain
In this article, we will go over the process of creating a CNAME record for your subdomain, which...
Version 16.0202 Release Notes
Release notes for Modular Merchant version 16.0202 Administration AreaGeneralAdded some updates...
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Universal Template
The shopping cart software's public-facing storefront, where customers come to shop, consists...
Buy X, Start a Subscription to Y
buy product one get a subscription to product two I want my customers to purchase an...
Price Suffix
The Price Suffix is an optional setting that can be used to display some text after the...
Admin Home Page
The Admin Home Page displays Modular Merchant bulletins, recent order activity, fulfillment data,...
The difference between templates and web...
templates vs. web pages I'm trying to add an "About Us" page to our store....
Major Update Coming: Late March/Early April
update! The super-awesome software update described below was released and installed in MMv4...
How to Install an SSL Certificate in Plesk
question I've opted to install my own SSL certificate, but I'm lost. Are there any...
Version 16.0202 Release Notes
Release notes for Modular Merchant version 16.0202 Administration AreaGeneralAdded some updates...
Search Store-Generated Emails
The Search Store-Generated Emails page, is used to locate different email templates generated by...
Core Shopping Cart Files
Core shopping cart files -- also known as Modular Merchant store files -- are the files that make...
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Shopping Cart Software Components
Shopping Cart Software Components
A look at what each section of the shopping cart software's Administration Area and...
3 29
Getting Started
What you need to know before starting your Modular Merchant account.
0 3
Administration Area
All pages within the software's administration area.
11 1
Your store's dashboard and tools to get up and running.
0 10
Managing both your Modular Merchant account and those with access to the administration...
2 11
System Settings
System Settings control the behavior of the store's admin area and store...
1 2
Search, edit and maintain the customers in your online store.
1 9
Control the look of your storefront. Edit text, images and webpage templates.
1 18
Host your website along with your shopping cart under your domain name.
1 3
1-Click Upsell
After a customer places an order, allow them to add more products to their order with a single...
1 3
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing, or revenue sharing, is a referral-based marketing strategy in which Merchants...
1 14
Digital Delivery
Securely sell any type of files using the store's automated download system.    
1 11
Event Engine
Create incentive-based promotions in your storefront that are automatically applied to the...
1 8
Modular Mailer
Send newsletters and auto-responders to customers triggered by specified events.    
1 7
Product Reviews
Turn your customers into evangelists for your brand when they write product reviews.
1 7
Related Products
Add a list of "recommended products" to various storefront pages, based on the products...
0 2
Reward Points
Reward customers with credits they can spend towards merchandise in your store.  
0 3
Subscription Products
Welcome to the Subscription Products module! The Subscription Products module provides tools to...
2 5
Memberships & Remote Member Validation (RMV) System
0 8
Wish Lists
Help your customers spread the word about the products that they covet.      
1 3
3rd Party Service Integration
Tools that allow your store to communicate with various third-party applications.
1 16
Manage the transactions that have been placed in your store.
1 5
Configure your store's products, categories and vendors.
1 18
Find out what's happening, when it happened and who made it happen.
0 8
Set the fulfillment rules for how orders are processed and shipped.
1 7
Many resources are available to answer any questions you may encounter.
1 5
All pages within the public storefront - where your customers shop.
1 2
Developer's Guide
A list of publicly-accessible APIs used by the shopping cart software to perform a variety of...
0 6
Code Samples
If you're comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP, then these articles may help you do neat...
0 5
Database Structure
An outline of the Modular Merchant database structure, and a definition of each database field.
0 148
Document Structure
Structural guidelines for the development of the Modular Merchant codebase.
0 3
Variables Structure
A description of the major PHP variables used by the shopping cart software.
0 2
Definitions for common terms used in the shopping cart and its documentation.
0 131
What's new in MMv4
In Modular Merchant version 4 (MMv4), many components of the shopping cart software were revamped,...
0 6
White-hot important announcements from Modular Merchant that will make your spine tingle and toes...
0 6
Release Notes
See what's new in the world of Modular Merchant's shopping cart software.
0 118
Press Releases
Newsworthy things that happen to have happened to Modular Merchant.
0 6
Merchant Messages
Archives of the Merchant Messages email newsletter.  
0 4
Tips, Tricks and Astounding Revelations
Suggestions that may improve your e-commerce experience.
0 4
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